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Tampa Child Custody Lawyer

Understanding Your Concerns | Protecting Your Rights

One of the most difficult issues a parent will face during divorce is the disruption to the children. Even a cordial divorce is likely to impact the children in some way. In the state of Florida, the court presumes that it is in the best interest of the child to have a shared parental responsibility.

Shared custody of the children means that both parents will be decision makes about the religious upbringing, education decisions and serious medical decisions such as emergencies or major illness. Shared custody also means that each parent will make the day-to-day child-rearing decisions when they are with the child.

As your Tampa child custody attorney, Mark Howard will work with you to protect your parenting rights and develop a parenting plan that will work for you.

Factors Affecting Child Custody

In an ideal situation, the parents will find a way to agree on the custody arrangements and parenting plan (formerly called visitation). If not, our parental rights law firm will be a vigorous advocate for your rights.

The factors that can affect the court's decision on child custody are these:

  • Child history — Are the children doing all right? Are they thriving, well adjusted and healthy?
  • Parent history — Has the parent been involved in the parenting up to that point in time? Have there been any instances of child abuse?
  • Continuity — Can there be a continuity of the child's situation in terms of schools, friends, day care or other activities?
  • Love and affection — Does each parent promote love and affection between the children and the other parent?
  • Abuse factors — Does either parent use drugs or abuse alcohol? Has domestic violence been an issue?

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